Dubai Tutoring Enhance12

Senior English Language

  • Back to school Term 2017

  • AED 220

  • 12 Weeks

  • 12 hrs


If you are 23 or older and would like to improve your level of English join our morning English Language classes. Practise all four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing within a friendly and relaxed environment.

Terms and conditions

1. Enhance Learning Center accepts no liability for any personal property or injury to a person.
2. Fees may be changed and the services offered added to or withdrawn at any time. However, fees will not be varied during a course or other service in progress.
3. Enhance Learning Center reserves the right to cancel a course if it is under-subscribed. In this case a student may choose to attend another course or to receive a refund of any fees paid for lessons which have not yet been delivered.
4. Trainees, parents or guardians will accept full liability for any damage caused by the student to premises where courses are taught.
5. In the interests of the trainee’s well-being whilst in the teacher’s care, the center must be informed of any medical or other conditions affecting the student.
6. Lessons missed by students cannot be made up/re-sat at a later date. Students and parents accept full responsibility for any lessons missed.