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Upper Primary Mathematics

  • Back to school Term 2017

  • AED 220

  • 11 Weeks

  • 11 hrs


Primary Mathematics from Nightmare to Excitement
Attention All Parents
♣ Attention All Parents
♣ Is your child lost in the crowd?
♣ Does mathematics homework cause TRAUMA?
♣ Is she reluctant to complete mathematics homework?
♣ Does your child suffer when calculating numbers?
♣ Is school not giving your child the time and attention he deserves?
♣ Are the times tables and number bonds not being taught thoroughly enough?
- You need fully qualified mathematics teachers, who are talented and make learning mathematics an enjoyable journey for your kids.
- Who convert knowledge into skills through enjoyable exercises
- Who develop children’s quick recall of times tables and number bonds.
- Who methodically build your child’s confidence and competence in the subject.
- Who perfect students’ problem-solving skills.
- Small groups and spacious classrooms allow the teacher to spend the time needed with your child for him to become an excellent mathematician.
- Our team of UK Educated Mathematic teachers, with more than 40 years combined experience, have taught in Dubai Schools and developed a methodology that succeeds.
They excel in sharpening the breadth of mathematical skills needed to enjoy life in the modern classrooms. Moreover, our fun and enjoyable learning environment will instill in your child a passion for numbers.
- Empower your child to lead the crowd!
- Call us now to book your child’s free session and to gain a free coupon for our parent morning lectures on how to enhance your child’s learning at home.
Key to successful learning in mathematics is a full understanding of the concepts across all mathematical strands as well as repetition through exercises in order to consolidate learning. The broad field of Primary mathematics is broken down into strands and we ensure that our students get enough teacher input and practice in all areas. As a result, our students become well-rounded and confident mathematicians.

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