Audiobooks as Reading Tutors


I do most of my reading whilst driving and I haven’t, yet, been arrested for it.


With a six-day working week and arriving home from work past 8p.m. most nights, I just haven’t got the time to read. But I must.


Enter Audible.


With the Audible app, I download books and carry them with me on my mobile device. I still listen to music in my car (one must treat the senses and soul every now and again) but I spend 50% of my drive time listening to audiobooks. And no, it’s not as pleasurable as holding a lovely paperback or hardcover book but the learning happens all the same.


My friend takes it one step further. He buys the paperback and downloads the same audiobook. He then plays the audiobook while he reads the text. Furthermore, he reports that he has developed his reading speed by playing the audiobook at 1.5x the normal speed and keeping up when reading the same text. – Good idea for children? Not sure, I haven’t looked into it yet, but I certainly will.


Nevertheless, audiobooks do come into their own with children too. Firstly, I do believe that playing the audiobook at normal speed while children read can be very beneficial. It’s like having a reading partner and elocution tutor in one.


Audiobooks also allow children to enjoy stories that are written at above their current reading level. It’s like listening to a teacher read that novel at the end of each day. Or listening to mum or dad reading a story. At text level, children can continue developing at their own rate but then enjoy some of the stories that perhaps some of their peers are reading at a higher level.


I’ll finish with a more human touch. When parents consult me about their children’s literacy I never fail and will never tire of telling them how important it is for them to read with their children. Not just listen to their children read but that they read to their children. That they take turns in reading too. Being read to is a powerful aid when developing reading skills. If you have the time, do it!

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