SATs Tutoring at the Beach


I may not have thought of this if I had arrived at the beach with a brood of children and an arsenal of beach “essentials”. It may not even be realistic to expect any sort of structured learning to happen at the beach but I’m an educator. It’s my job to ponder on the things that you haven’t got time to think of. It’s my duty to keep suggesting ways for your children to keep learning. Happily.


I took my 15-minute work break by walking to the beach front and back to the office (Dubai; fantastic). On the way back, I passed the Municipality’s Beach Library and smiled at it as usual. Then I got to the Beach Rules and, yes, a silly thought occurred:

What if the children can practice for their SATs at the beach?


No books needed. Here’s one way to do it…


Ice creams in hand, stand by the rules signboard and devise an impromptu reading comprehension. Look at the picture below and some of the questions that I came up with on the spot.


Some are straight forward information retrieval. Some require inference skills. One or two are “Word Level” work etc. Hope this inspires.


Beach Reading Comprehension


Information Retrieval – Easy

  • Which vehicles are not allowed on the jogging track?
  • What three other things are not allowed around the beach area?
  • When can beach goers swim in the sea?


Information Retrieval – Hard

  • Which of the rules are designed to keep the public safe?
  • Which of the rules are in place to ensure that the beach is well maintained?


Inference and Deduction

  • What may happen if someone broke the rules mentioned?
  • What conditions may cause the red flag to be raised?
  • Why may some ladies be disappointed when reading these rules?


Word Level Work

  • Use your own words to define:





SATs at the Beach

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