A Suitcase Full of Books: tutors do it too!

It’s happened before, right?

You line the bottom of your summer holiday suitcase with textbooks and writing pads. This is the work that you have planned for your children to complete on a daily basis whilst abroad.

This can range from 5 – 15kg worth of books.

Don’t even think about it this summer!

This year try this – hear me out…

Plan instead the fun that your family will have. Go on and schedule the site seeing and experiences that will educate your children (and yourselves) in an inspiring and memorable way.

Pack clothes and essentials and leave all books on their shelves.

Ah, but I’m not saying that your children shouldn’t practise their academic skills. Not at all. In fact, this year in the UAE, schools are having a 10 week break. It is crucial that your children continue to work on their skills.

Do this instead. It will weigh less on your shoulders, loom less heavy over your children and only add 10 grammes to your luggage.

  • Download or ask for your child’s current Year Group objectives for Mathematics and English (that’s the year that your child has just completed)
  • Print the objectives out and put them in a plastic sleeve
  • Put that in your suitcase instead of the 15kg of books that we insist on each year.

You see, by only taking this list with you, it means that when you are settled on your vacation and ready to do something constructive for 30 minutes, you can begin by conducting a self-review of what your children have learnt and what they think they need to practise the most – this, already, is more valuable than opening countless books.

After this, highlight pink the objectives that need work on, blue the ones that need a refresher and green the ones that your children know inside out.

From here, you can find endless resources online and work on each objective systematically and efficiently. No sweat.

Bon Voyage!


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