Exam Revision Block – A Tutor’s Perspective

Why is he (insert “she” if applicable) not picking up his books and studying? The GCSE exams are around the corner!

Look, I am not going to say that smartphones and social lives are not affecting your children’s studying habits. They probably are. But if we are satisfied that this explains why our children and students are not picking up their books then we are missing something very big. And “big” is key if we want to truly understand what is going on.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a task or problem? Something that felt so colossal that you not only feared it but didn’t know where to begin?

GCSEs – A Levels – they’re big!

And yet, no matter how overcome you are by the task or worry, if you know how to break it up into smaller pieces, you immediately begin to see how you can accomplish or solve it.

Fear paralyses us. Seth Godin wrote that “doubt undermines confidence.” Dismantle the task into its different achievable sections and you will find the courage and even desire to take it on.

Our children need to be able to break the enormous task of exam revision into smaller, achievable pieces. A good place to start is realistic timetabling of the week. Another tool is to be able to self-diagnose their needs in each subject. These skills can be learnt.

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