Why do some people take notes like champs and others don’t even uncap their pens?

I’ve never considered myself a natural note taker and I have always marveled at some of my students’ seemingly innate ability to record information.

But I look back at my schooling and I cannot remember one single lesson on note taking skills. Sure, I remember teachers and lecturers ordering the class to note take but not even one of them taught us how. Is it assumed that we are born with the skill of summarising, highlighting and recording information?

Some schooling systems are better than others at instilling those crucial skills. I know a couple of American schools who require students to use the method developed at Cornell University in the 1950s.

Cornell Notes are just one way of recording key information; there are many others. The way our students take notes is not important, what is crucial is that they are actually taught a method.

Ask your children if they have been explicitly taught note taking skills. If they haven’t, they’re at a disadvantage.

We cover note taking skills at our Study Skills Workshops. Call us at Enhance Learning Center if you would like to know more.


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