Disclaimer: I am not a parent.

I am, however, a teacher and this wonderful profession has me spending 60% of my day talking to your children.

Are you listening now?

Every now and again I reflect on how I speak to my students. Regretfully, I too often realise that I spend a lot of time speaking to my students instead of with my students. Ask yourself, do parents behave in the same way sometimes?

Both parents and teachers are faced with the challenge of wanting solely what is best for our children and only having very limited time with them.

So, we skip the listening and try and cram in our words of help, wisdom and advice at every moment that we share with them.

Now think of a time when you have tried to speak to someone who did not actively listen to you. Did it encourage you to open up and further your conversation? Did you feel any desire to listen to them? What makes us think that children are any different?

If I aspire to have meaningful conversations with my students and would like them to listen to me, I better listen to them first.


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